Mid Winter Musings


Happy Valentine’s Day to all.
(No piece too small)

February 14, 2018 sees watery sun just breaking through the snow clouds. Snow coming down more lazily now and wind has let up. A good opportunity to bundle up and get out and remove it and the layer of ice under it.
This winter has alternated between being bitterly cold and windy to rain that turns promptly to ice. Thus I seem to have spent more days inside than usual.

Winter days inside are a great reason to quilt. A bit of progress has been made in that direction although not on experimenting as I had planned.
The charity for the Edmonton and District Quilters Guild this year is the Good Samaritan Society and we are making lap quilts for elders. The quilts are about 55″ x 75′ . Our Second VP in charge of Charity quilts is Erica. Along with others who have donated fabric Erica has given generously from her considerable stash. One long time friend Dawn has donated some of her UFO’s and those will form the medallion or centre of a quilt. All of this is created by woman power. Erica has sought out simple patterns and she and volunteers have cut kits so that each quilt will be a work of art. That makes it fun for each of us who participate to choose a kit of colours of fabric that we can love to work with.

My quilt started with a centre motif from a piece of drapery fabric and I was lucky enough to choose a kit of other drapery pieces. My built is a riff on a Kaffe Fassett design “Ice Cream Quilt” from his Romance book. We separated the fabrics into light and dark. The pieces weren’t long enough but I joined each colour on the bias to get long strips .  Once I had reached the right width strips were added top and bottom to get the length needed. I, loving blue had saved a wonderful piece of blue to use a a border.  This was a good example of making what you have work and I did. Cheryl is going to long arm it for me and I will help her by binding one of her quilts.
We had a sewing day at the end of January and it was great fun to visit with friends and see each quilt emerging. This has been a big undertaking on behalf of the Guild. So far I think we have donated about 50 quilts and there are many more to come.

I have had opportunity to be in more “homes” for elders than I ever want to be .The  bright and cheery quilts are appreciated. These quilts are evidence that someone cares about the individual and honours them and the contributions that they have made to our country.
So Happy Valentines Day. I hope that this blog made you smile. Please do something that will create a smile for someone else today that will bring them a warm glow to their heart.






About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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