Appliqué – Hand
Hand appliqué classes are based on original designs by the tutor.  The focus is on teaching  more complex techniques and/or include opportunities for students to create their own motifs.

The Four Seasons:

AUTUMN –   A Canadian Original Appliqué design by the tutor, Elinor Burwash             Duration: 1 day (6 hours teaching time + lunch break)                                                              Workshop is available as a 2 day class with additional time for design.
Class size: up to 16 participants
Skill level of participants: Beginner to intermediate                                                            Techniques covered: Needle turn appliqué, silk ribbon embroidery, stem stitch

This workshop includes methods for an articulated  needle-turned maple leaf.  Wheat sheaves in silk ribbon embroidery will complement and finish the block.  One day focusses strictly on exploring and executing the hand appliqué and embroidery techniques.  Over two dye students have the opportunity to complete more than one leaf.  It includes designing and preparing the border and additional time to be come familiar with more complex appliqué methods.

No sewing machine required.  A kit including the pattern, fabric and silk ribbon is provided.  Kit Fee:  $30.

Four Seasons - Autumn

Four Seasons – Autumn

WINTER – A Canadian Original Appliqué  design by the tutor, Elinor Burwash
Duration: 2 days (12 hours + breaks)
Class size: 16 maximum
Skill level of participants: Intermediate (enthusiastic beginner who has done some hand stitching will be successful)
Techniques covered: Needle-turn appliqué, reverse appliqué, stem stitch embroidery and beading.

This two-day class guides participants to create their personal, unique snowflake design and employ needleturn appliqué to bring the design to life on cotton fabric. Border cornerstones executed in reverse appliqué. Hand embroidered snowflakes and beads add sparkle and finishing touches.

No sewing machine required. A kit including the pattern, fabric, embroidery thread and beads are provided.   Kit Fee:  $30.

The Four Seasons -  Winter

The Four Seasons – Winter

YOUR CANADA IN APPLIQUÉ –  Custom Original Design by tutor Elinor Burwash  Duration:    2 days
Class size:  maximum 16
Skill level of participants: Intermediate (enthusiastic beginner who has done some hand stitching will be successful)
Techniques covered: hand appliqué and embellishment techniques based on individual design

With advance notice and upon special request tutor Elinor Burwash will design a small wallhanging specific to the area of Canada where the workshop will be presented.  Topics and designs will include elements of nature indigenous to the area where the workshop takes place.  Suggestions and active input for flora and fauna motifs are welcome, photographs and drawings will aid the tutor in the design process.
Guilds and special applique interest groups are always looking for new and exciting topics and designs.  This workshop can be tailored to groups who embrace group challenges and work together toward a successful final outcome, in this instance an original wall hanging.  Size of the wall hanging depends on  number of participants.

No sewing machine required. A kit including the pattern, fabric and embellishments are provided for individual designs.  Kit fee: $30
Kits may be available for group executed designs.

Duration:     3 hours
Class Size :   Maximum 16 people
Skill level of participants: Intermediate (enthusiastic beginner who has done some hand stitching will be successful)
Techniques covered: Needle-turn appliqué,  narrow stems
This one-half day class features Elinor’s signature design: a segmented appliquéd maple leaf. The needle turned leaf in autumn colours will include tips for achieving sharp points, smooth curves,nearly invisible stitches and tiny stems. The maple leaf will be a stand alone and suggestions for finishing projects will be suggested.

No sewing machine is required.  A kit including pattern, leaf fabrics and thread is provided. Kit fee: $20.


Piecing by Hand

Duration: 3 hours
Class Size: maximum 20
Skill level of participants: Beginner, intermediate, advanced
Techniques covered: cathedral window, working with silk
The cathedral window patchwork block is enjoying a revival during the emergence of the “Slow Stitching Movement”.  Join Elinor Burwash as she guides participants through the individual steps to create the historic cathedral window patchwork block and elevating it to a luxurious and complex pin cushion fit for a queen. One luxury pincushion can be completed in half a day.

No sewing machine required.  A kit including fabrics, thread and  glass bead filling package for each pincushion.  Kit Fee:  $15. per pincushion.

Cathedral  Window Silk Pincushions

Cathedral Window Silk Pincushions
















Duration:   2 days (12 hours teaching time + breaks)
Class size:  maximum 16 participants
Skill level of participants: intermediate to advanced
Techniques covered: fusing, layering, collage.  Completion techniques, hand stitching, binding and quilting.
Wordplay!  Play with words!  What could be more fun?  We begin with individual words words: words that inspire, words that conjure up concepts and images… words that will provide the starting point for the creation and culmination of an original small wallhanging.
To partake in this adventurous workshop students bring small amounts of fabrics of various kinds: cotton, silk, drapery, lace, fancy dress goods to use and share with each other.  The focus is on the basic elements of colour and design, composition and layout are explored in depth.  Up to four original tops may be completed.  This class introduces the concept and lays the foundation to work in a series.

Sewing machine is optional (two or three friends may opt to share one machine; finishing will be demonstrated and the pieces subsequently completed at home.



Piecing & Design

Duration: 3 days (18 hours + breaks)
Class size:maximum 16 students
Skill level of participants: Intermediate to advanced                                                        Techniques covered:  straight and curved piecing.
Select your personal photograph or actual artifact from nature (flower, bud, leaf, etc.) and enter the class room poised to explore  your chosen subject in depth.  Identify line, enlarge the motif and learn the art of omission and simplification.  Under Elinor Burwash’s tutelage acquire the skills to create an original pattern.  Translate the pattern into fabric and complete your one of a kind pieced and quilted work of fabric art.

Sewing machine is required.

Parrot Tulip 1

Parrot Tulip 1


Reuse – Recycle – Repurpose

Duration: 1 day (6 hours + breaks)
Class size: maximum 16
Skill level of participants: beginner to Intermediate to Advanced                               Techniques covered:
Join the trend, jump on the band wagon and celebrate! Come to class and discover the limitless possibilities of repurposing wool sweaters.  This one day introductory class will have participants transform previously loved sweaters that have been fulled (felted by washing) into unique wall hangings. Designs focus on incorporating the original features of the sweaters.  Trading and sharing is encouraged for an optimal outcome. Fnishing and quilting suggestions are made.

Sewing machine is required

Focus on Traditional Techniques

Duration: 1 day (6 hours + breaks)
Class size: maximum 16
Skill level of participants: Beginner to Intermediate
Techniques covered: machine and hand sewing of cathedral window
The  Cathedral Window patchwork block is an intricate and eye-caching design that has mesmerized patchwork and quilters for centuries.  Join Elinor Burwash on a one day journey to use the block as a unit to explore, design and create a 12″ block.  The tutor’s objective is to break the construction into easy to understand increments when it comes to the complexity of using the cathedral patchwork block.  The block may be used as a medallion, a pillow or serve as the starting point of a larger patchwork quilt.

Sewing machine required.  A kit including all the fabrics and matching thread is provided.  Kit fee: $ 15.

Cathedral Window Bock

Cathedral Window Bock

INSIDE OUT: Reverse Raw Edge Applique by Machine
 Duration: 2 days (12 hours + breaks)
Class Size: maximum 16
Skill level of participants: Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced                                 Techniques Covered: basic design, reverse appliqué by machine
Do you owns stash of quilting batiks? Are you looking to gain confidence in selecting colours?  Look no further – this is the class for you!  Elinor Burwash, your tutor will begin by introducing basic colour schemes reinforced by active fabric section based on the colour covered during the first part of the class.  With educated colour selections made and fabrics for the class project chosen attention is directed to the design and execution of an original creation.  Successful designs are based on geometric motifs, including square, circles and rectangles to fully showcase the fabric and interplay of colour.

Sewing Machine required.

Crop Circles

Crop Circles- 2 days




















Duration: 1day (6 hours + breaks)
Class size: maximum 16
Skill level of participants:  Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced
Techniques covered:  confetti piecing.
People who are not “in the know” ask why quilters would take perfectly good fabric and cut it up and then sew it back together…Let’s take that concept to another extreme and you arrive in this workshop: Sunrise Sunset. The good news is this time we will be cutting the fabric into such tiny pieces that you can’t sew them back together.  We will use the tiny bits to create a dynamic  landscape. Not only is this a lot of fun, it is a possible outlet to overcome suppressed frustration while creating an original fabric collage resembling an impressionist painting.  Save your bits and pieces for this energizing and inspiring project.


Maui Sunset