Ordinary Women

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I don’t think that I know any – ordinary women that is.
Just home from our Guild Banquet and feeling very fortunate to be in a community of such talented women.
Women who quietly step up and do what needs to be done to keep our Guild running. Women who cry for another’s misfortune, who smile for someone who has come through a difficult time. Women who hug when needed and just because the human touch is healing. They restore my soul.

Tonight I am grateful for the Past-President who shouldered all the responsibility for creating a wonderful evening. For her creativity in choosing a challenge that brought truly remarkable entries. (More on this later). For her networking and choosing a guest speaker who inspired us and awed us with her creativity. For the woman who creates and donates the centrepieces for each table. A lot of time lovingly and freely given to contribute to making it a special evening,  To the woman who helps with the judging of the challenge and arranges to take the afternoon off and carefully devises the way to hang the show so that the eye of the viewer moves smoothly from one quilt to another. To the woman who every year creates the small works of art that are our ribbons for the challenge and highly coveted. To the women who have given their time and expertise to sit on the board and to those who have stepped up for another year.

Our Guild contains a mix of traditional and art quilters. During the year and at our meetings the show and tell is predominately traditional. Our Prairie Rose Challenge is to a larger degree art quilts.
This year is our Guild’s 40th year. To pick up on that theme our Past-President collected page 40 from a wide variety of magazines. Each page was put in an envelope and people who wanted to participate drew an envelope and that was the inspiration for their quilt. When I viewed the 24 quilts and looked at the page 40 mounted below the quilt I was impressed to see that each person had taken their page 40 and had interpreted it in a unique way.  There wasn’t one that directly copied the page but had drawn inspiration from it and created a unique piece.

My page 40 was from Fashion magazine and was a March calendar.  It was chock full of many ideas. There were two that spoke to me – International Women’s Day and the first day of Spring.  This past winter has been a time when a number of strong feminists have come into my field of perception. It has been a winter when women have found their voice and spoken out against harassment in the workplace.
I can certainly say throughout my career that I experienced times that help me identify strongly with #MeToo.  I strongly feel that what was a moment has become a movement and we must seize the day and help those who have had the courage to tell their stories or those who are in a position to make changes in the workplace. We as women must sustain this. It is a step towards equality.

The black line drawings of women in my  patch quilt are Joyce Buchwald, Eleanor Roosevelt, Linda Duncan, Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Notley, Marie Henein, Hilary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Anita Sarkeesian.
The border of the quilt is hand drawn and hand painted flowers. These are the flowers of my spring garden. The tulip especially speaks of hope. The flowers contain the statements made by these women about harassment in the workplace, how the workplace can be changed , what they have done to support women and my perceptions about these woman as strong feminists. These women have/are making a difference in this regard, the writing shows how.
Finally the writing contains my hope that the #MeToo movement will become a force to change how women are treated with the workplace.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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2 Responses to Ordinary Women

  1. elinorburwashdesigns says:

    Thanks Paige. I am delighted that you won a ribbon. Here’s to many more.

  2. paige04 says:

    Love your piece! the ribbon is so creative, congratulations. Sounds like you have a very great Guild. I won my very first ribbon this Quilt show for our Challenge called Okanagan life. Life is good, eh!

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