Colour & Design – Vermilion

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A couple of weekends ago I was in Vermilion AB to teach two one day classes.  Colour was the topic for Saturday: Colour – Give the Wheel a Spin. Sunday’s topic was the Elements and Principles of Design – A Recipe for Design.
Last August I was contacted by the Program Co-Chairs of the Vermilion Guild to ask if I would consider working with them to find out what their Guild members might be looking for in terms of new learning in the areas of colour and design.  Together we designed a questionnaire that was circulated to guild members.  The results of the survey indicated that yes there was interest in this area of inquiry.  So then Barb and Caroline asked if I would develop two one day courses that would address the interest of their members.
So much of my winter was spent researching colour and design.  A search on line and in my (I discovered) considerable library of relevant books led me to believe that an important aspect of any course would be to use a common language.  Those of you who know me from my full-time career will remember that I was responsible for a document that brought a common language to working, learning and living skills.
In the end I felt that for quilters the best place was to start with and maintain the order of elements and principles that Anna Hergert described in her document on Elements and Principles of Design for the Canadian Quilters Guild.  The document is thorough and provides examples that apply directly to quilting.
You might ask – why a need for common language?  Elements and principles are common across the spectrum of human creativity. NOT.  Various disciplines use a different combination of elements and principles and call them different names, even quilt books are not on the same page. My research led me to create lists and then cross reference words and definitions until I was satisfied that I had a degree of consistency in organization and terms. So enough of scholarly research and onto class design, curriculum, and hands-on exercises.
The classes consisted of hand-outs and hands-on exercises to illustrate the elements and principles.  Each participant was encouraged to add their exercises to a coil bound sketch book so that they could refer back to them and use them as inspiration for upcoming quilts.
Colour was chosen for a day on its own as it is considered the most important element of design.  We began with the gray scale as value is the most important aspect of colour.  How it is used is what makes a quilt interesting and vibrant and something that the eye returns to again and again in a composition.
The remainder of the elements (individual components of a quilt design) and principles (how a quilt comes together to create a cohesive whole) were dealt with on the second day. Either of these classes could be taken on their own.  Together they give one an overview of the subject matter.
There are instructors who teach design classes that are  more in-depth and usually lead to a larger finished quilt.  These two classes were intended to be a survey, an introduction or a reminder.
A lot of fun was had by all who participated in the classes, including me, the teacher. I so much enjoyed the experience of meeting these women and working with them and seeing what they created.  Some of the work is showcased in the slide show.

This coming weekend is the Vermilion Quilters Guild 19th Annual Quilt Show.  I understand that they will have over 200 quilts.  This is an event worth seeing.   They are  talented quilters.  The show is at the Vermilion Regional Centre.  Come into town off the Yellowhead, Hwy 16  and when you see Boston Pizza on your west side turn left at the lights.  A little further on Lakeland College is on the left and the Vermilion Regional Centre on the right, 5902 – 47 Ave..  There is lots of free parking and the show is all on one level.  Hours  are Sat. Apr 30 ,10 – 5 and Sunday May 1, 10 – 4.  Lunches will be available.  There is a park nearby and a great Quilt store in Lakeland Mall.

I’m going with some friends so perhaps I will see some of you there.

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Zoe’s Windy Day

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A milestone day.  I have finished my Trend-Tex challenge for this year.
When I do a challenge that comes with the fabric predetermined I open the package up and fan the fabric out and wait for it to speak to me.  This year was no exception and the topic “Living a Life in Green”was sparked by looking out my living room window as I was mulling things over and a tree that I see from the window was sketched.  Then several mornings I heard a pileated woodpecker and the two came together.  The orange gold fabric felt like a windy fall day and since my granddaughter had a book when she was small called Zoe’s windy day the challenge came together.  My experience with drawing human figures is less than minimal but it came to me that I could draw a stick figure and put clothes on it.  That seemed to work.  You decide.

I hope that many of you will get to Mississauga for Quilt Canada 2016 and that we will see a good display of Challenge Quilts – “Living Life in Green”.

I know that the National Juried Show will be great.  I was fortunate enough to be one of the juror’s and can hardly wait to see the quits hanging in the fabric so to speak.  The jurying was done on line which is quite a different experience than seeing them in person.  I am looking forward to being a scribe for the judges and so will move my learning as an apprentice judge along.

There will be some great teachers.  One of my favourites – Anna Hergert  will be there with some sought after classes.  Don’t miss this chance as a little bird told me she isn’t applying for next year.  Jane Sassaman will be there facilitating some workshops and giving a lecture.  There will be a session with the International Gathering folk that my friends Kathy Strawson and Kim Caskey are organizing for Friday evening.  It sounds like a great evening with a chance to meet people and hear about some happenings from across the pond.

I hope to see many of you there.






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Zen? Tangle – Yes

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I have had learning to Zen Tangle on my list for a couple of years now.  The Paint Spot  a local art shop in my neighbourhood offered a version this winter.  Shelly Banks a talented local artist who works in pen and ink and does coptic bookbinding and mosaics was our teacher.

So I learned how to do some lovely pen and ink detailed drawings.  I was delighted to find that it was fun and I could do it, at least under Shelly’s tutelage. I also learned that it is very time consuming and that if I was going to put that kind of time into something it would be appliqué or knitting.

My reason for learning it was so that I could apply it to quilting, either in appliqué or machine quilting designs.  So I now have a new technique to work with and of course am beginning a collection of books to support that new technique. I look forward to seeing how this new technique influences my work.


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analogous poppy

My last few days have been focused on using my creativity to design a couple of new workshops for an Alberta Quilt Guild.  This is a delightful activity in many ways because I read books, get inspirations, read more books, increase the number of ideas, want to try  many myself and then start writing and organizing.  It is all theoretical at this stage in terms of what might be able to be accomplished in an actual class.  To be considered – how knowledgable is everyone?  How to you get everyone to the the same level without overwhelming those who less experience and not bore those who have more.  What exercises will most engage the learners?   How much information should be provided to stimulate creativity and at the same time to help the concept be retained in long term memory.?
Once you have the initial design then a class description needs to be written.  Ideally then the instructor tries a variety of exercises, times them and gets the workshop design and lesson plan in a more structured form.  Supply lists and instructor requirement lists are then prepared and sent off.  Notice I said ideally.
These particular classes are being custom developed based on a survey the guild did of their members so that the members will get a workshop that will meet their needs and expand their knowledge.  The time frame is tighter than usual, however I seem to work quite productively under pressure because I am must totally focus.
Working intensively usually gets me off to a good start.  So the dishes sit, the bell rings on the washing machine and phone calls go to message.  Once in a while there is a break for a cup of tea and for the mind to take a breath so the information can sort and organize itself within the mind’s creative problem solving process.  One  such break caused me to respond to the ping of a new e-mail coming in and another to take the time to “pen” this blog.  I want to share an excerpt from Anna Hergert’s blog of Jan 28 “Up for a Challenge”

“Are you up to a free challenge? I subscribe to CreativeLive, a fabulous site with a wide variety of instruction via video feed. Many of these lessons are offered for free and one can then opt to buy the lesson for life-long access. Quite often the administrators offer bonuses for anyone interested. Yesterday I discovered an invitation to join the 28 Day Challenge in my inbox. Here is the link if you are interested in checking it out. I believe it will provide a little boost to anyone’s resolution about living life more creatively in 2016. Check it out and see if this free offer is something you might be interested in.”

I’m in and hope that this might interest some other readers  The key for me is that they can be short as there are too many quilt ideas and too little time.




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Quilt Canada 2016

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Winter Wool

I am at last coming near to the end of my January blah’s and getting excited about planning more interesting winter quilting activities and yes making some of my favourite things – plane reservations for the Spring, learning to use Skype and working on my Trend Tex challenge piece.
So first I want to say that part of my excitement is that I am fortunate enough to be one of the jurors for the Canadian Quilters Association National Juried Show to be held as part of Quilt Canada 2016, June 15 – 18 at the International Centre in Mississauga ON. This is a task that will I am sure spark my interest in working on my own pieces.
There are many interesting workshops to choose from this year and the new costing system in a definite plus.  I want to highlight one artist of particular interest.  Our Teacher of the Year for 2014 – Anna Hergert will be offering three exciting workshops.  It is a perk of being chosen Teacher of the Year that at the next major conference, two years down the road you are invited to teach.  I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.
Anyone who has been luck enough to take a course with Anna will tell you that you not only get excellent value at the time of the workshop but that her enthusiasm and support of her students along with those excellent teaching skills will continue to enrich your quilting for a long time to come.
Anna is teaching three workshops.  The first is “Unlock the Vault”.  This two day course (at the end you will wish it was longer) has participants exploring the endless possibilities of the supplies in your studio and in your kitchen and in your tool box and likely other places as well.  I have been able to benefit from Anna’s creativity in using a large variety of materials and she pushes the envelope and you will certainly be surprised and delighted.
Anna’s second workshop is on hand work – Mola’s.  This form of reverse hand appliqué is practiced by the Cuna Indians of the San Blas Islands of Panama.  Their Mola’s tell stories of their lives and display hot colours.  This is how I first met Anna, taking this fun and relaxing class.  Be sure and take paper and pencil to record the inspirations that come to you during this class.
The last class is all about embellishments.  I call it bling in context.  When embellishments are added to quilts using elements and principles of design they really to add to the work and often a good piece becomes spectacular.
So prepare to be delighted. Check out Quilt Canada, the workshops and then Anna’s blog. Just the thing for a grey winter day to get the dreaming started.





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Forest of Tiny Christmas Trees

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On Nov 27,28, and 29, a forest of tiny hand decorated Christmas tree will be on display at the Old Strathcona Antique Mall. Thse trees will be silent auctioned.
The two foot tree auction is sponsored b the G.A.N.G,  and Old Strathcona Antique Mall. All profits from the tiny trees will be donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation’ Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign that assists African grandmothers raising children orphaned by AIDS.

My tree is called Winter Garden. I had a great time using some dried materials from my garden, poppy heads, the heads from Siberian iris. Now I know what I had been saving them for. Not from my garden were some glittery apples and soe little acorns they too were glittery and I painted them over to tone them down. Especially I had five dried pomegranates that I had been saving for years for a special occasion and this is certainly it.

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Modern Quilts

IMG_7066When I was in Saskatoon a couple of weeks ago I picked up a book that drew me in as the title said Modern Quilts. I am scouting out quilts labelled as “modern” I have read an article by Kathy Bissett and Anna Hergert. This article is entitled “CQA/ACC Quilt Judge Certification Programme Meets Modern Quilting. It appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Quilters Connection Magazine. They say that there are differing viewpoints and then go on to list some characteristics that seem to help define this category.
So When the title jumped out at me I picked it up and started to look. I soon found that I had missed two words in the title – Nature inspired. They fit the some of the items on the .list prepared by Kathy and Anna Rhw quilts are colourful, employ design principles and elements and they don’t require templates or rulers. The directions are very good and clearly the author – Bernadette Mayr from Germany is a very skilled quiltmaker. She provides details that a beginning quiter can follow and use. If the beginning quilter looked at the pictures and used the colourways as a guideline they would come out with an excellent quilt. I was taken by a number of the quilts shown and could see myself improvising using the ideas as a place to begin. If you like to start with a bit of guidance and come out with a show stopper you will enjoy this book.
Of course I found some fabulous fabric in Periwinkle Quilt Shop and have a beginning on an idea.

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Today my world is still, grey and waiting. It feels like snow and that is something I never wish for but none the less it will come. Yesterday,Oct 31, the last bags of leaves from the apple and lilac trees were gathered up. Now they too wait.
Last night was a celebration – many creative creatures came to the door for their traditional loot. It was a relatively warm night and the rain didn’t start until after 7 PM so they came in waves literally. I had a very small fairy princess to start who wasn’t a bit scared of the scary white wolf ghost who peeked out from the big tree in front of my home. Only one Harry Potter this year but accompanied by Moaning Myrtle. Everyone was in costume, a cat in the hat, a Pooh who just who felt it was “time for a little something”. Best of all however was the paper bag princess. I told her that the “Paper Bag Princess” was the only piece of feminist literature any woman needs. If you don’t know about this book check out the wonderful Canadian writer – Robert Munch. (I’ve always had a dream to illustrate one of his books with fibre art.)
Today I change the screen in my storm door for the winter glass one. I think back on what I have done this past while and start making plans for what is next on my list. I have been away from my sewing machine and my needles for a very long time and the machine is calling me.
I was privileged to be an active part of my MP’s reelection campaign this summer and fall. Many people contributed to Linda Duncan’s team and Linda was tireless herself during this very long campaign. We were delighted to see her reelected to the House of Commons where she serves Edmonton Strathcona very well.
A couple of weeks ago I was also privileged to be a judge at the Saskatoon Quilt Show. The show was fabulous with over 400 quilts. There were many large bed quilts, traditional quilts and a good showing of contemporary art quilts. A real treat was to see Quilter of the Year – Gillian McDougald be honoured and then to view her wonderful display of work, I was awe struck by both the variety, the quality and the number of pieces.
If you notice the quilts behind the photo of Gillian at the podium you will see some bright stars.  They caught my attention because of the brightness but also because several had wonderfully complex Kaffe Fassett borders.  I am taken by the thought that it would be a wonderful challenge to select a great piece of Kaffe Fassett fabric for a border and then use it as inspiration for the blocks in a star quilt.  These quilts were part of a challenge however not all of them used a Kaffe Fassett fabric.  I am not sure what the challenge was but the idea sticks in my mind.  Something fun to file for later.

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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

These birds are well travelled.  They have just arrived home and will be placed in their permanent homes soon.
The “birds” began their life in the imaginations of a group of four friends who are known as the “Frayed Edges”.  We wanted to enter as a group into the 2013 Edmonton and District Guild’s biannual show in 2013.  We are Wanda Cracknell, Penny Odegard, Karen Osatchuk and me.  A set of preprinted blocks was brought to the dining room table and we decided to each pick one we liked.  Our interpretation was to be in wool and what ever else we thought would make it ours and would display materials we liked to work with.  We worked independently and on a given date the 15″ pieces were revealed to each other.  Next we had to decide upon a way to join the pieces together.  Since the pieces were fun folk art interpretations we decided upon felt balls.
Then our piece was named and entered into the EDQG 2013 show in June.  It was accorded the honour of winning the group quilt class and received a beautiful ribbon. We took the pieces apart and they went to the individual makers.  Then Penny gave me her piece as a birthday gift.  It was decided that we would enter them in Quilt Canada for 2014.  So they were reassembled.  Quilt Canada thought that our photography was not quite good enough so the “birds” didn’t travel there.  HOwever since we had them assembled we sent an entry off to Grand National’s upcoming 2015 show “Connections”.  The were successful in being juried in and off they went for their journey to Ontario.
Here is our artist’s statement.
Birds of a Feather
Four friends with common interests including quilting, gardening, and surprise – birds embarked upon a piece inspired by a Sandy Gervais print for Moda fabrics. We each chose a bird that spoke to us, writ it larger and interpreted the chosen bird using wool, a material we all enjoy working in, as the base along with our imaginations and skills. At an appointed time the blocks were revealed with each one clearly reflecting the background talents of the creator. Hand appliqué, trapunto, needle felted wool, rug hooking, beading, embroidery and couching using a variety of materials and embellishments were employed.

The “birds” have now arrived home and have been taken apart for return to their owners.  While the piece was awaiting transit it hung in my living room and was so much admired by both me and my guests that I am going to make two different birds to replace the two that need to go home.

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Wooly Bees

Wooly Bees is a group of members of the Edmonton and District Quilters Guild that have a special interest in working with wool.  We have created a couple of group quilts for our local show and enjoyed that very much.  We have also hand dyed wool.  Sometimes we find new wool but mostly we work with recycled wool.  This comes from donations of yardage, used mens suits and samples from suiting manufacturers.  We manage to use everything we can lay our hands on.
A couple of years ago we each made a block for another member so that they could make a quilt.  Most popular were wonky houses.  Birds were the choice of one member and I chose a vintage sunshine block that I found in an old quilt.
For several years the hostess for the monthly meeting has prepared a project that we can do sitting around a dining room table or in a living room.  This month we had a guest instructor, one of our member’s mothers showed us how to use mens suiting samples to create hexagons.


Yes it looks like black and white photography.  In reality it is grey wool samples.  It was really simple to do once the basic principle was mastered.  I spent time for a couple of evenings as I watched “The National” doing the hand sewing.
What really excited me about this little project was the texture and pattern created on the reverse side.

With the folding of the circular piece it  creates between two and three layers of wool.  It could be used as a coaster or hot mat or perhaps part of a wall hanging.  I just know that I am really enjoying it.  It has been filed in my brain for further consideration.  I am sure that one day an idea will pop out.
Many thanks to our hostess Suzanne and her Mom Barb for a great evening and a fun project.


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