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Ordinary Women

I don’t think that I know any – ordinary women that is. Just home from our Guild Banquet and feeling very fortunate to be in a community of such talented women. Women who quietly step up and do what needs … Continue reading

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Many Hands

This is a  story of a quilt. It begins once upon a time long long ago. In the early 1990’s there was a group of women, probably eight or more who met each month going home with  a project.   One month … Continue reading

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Rain, Hail, Mosquitos

Today it rained, followed by hail with me looking out the window and praying.  Fortunately the hail was not too damaging.  As soon as it was over I went out to plant some hostas that were rescued from a home in … Continue reading

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We’ve only just begun – 1

I set goals and often I achieve them in the time set and sometimes I don’t.  One major goal I have lapsed repeatedly for many years is getting my basement studio operational again. Well yesterday saw me make a significant step … Continue reading

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Happiness is a Garden

Stepping outdoors this morning quickly brought me back in for my camera.  My discovery of the first explorer rose needed to be shared.  So the photos are of blooms in my garden this morning.  The sun is out and it … Continue reading

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Today my world is still, grey and waiting. It feels like snow and that is something I never wish for but none the less it will come. Yesterday,Oct 31, the last bags of leaves from the apple and lilac trees … Continue reading

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Art or Craft

This week there have been three hits to my perception  concerning art and craft. The first one actually goes back to an exhibition I saw in New York at the Modern Museum of Art. There were a number of textile … Continue reading

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New York – All Around the Town

Our very first morning in New York we set of for museums. The subway stop we disembarked on turned out to be the Dakota. One of the features on my to see. Then we tripped across the street to Strawberry … Continue reading

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New York – Let’s Get On With the Show

Six wonderful nights of appealing performances.  This is another reason I love New York.  As soon as we arrived and stashed our luggage at Leo House some of us went to Times Square to see what we could find in … Continue reading

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New York – Fabulous & Frigid

Well you heard that I was going to New York and I went – Feb 15, returning Feb. 21.I hardly know where to begin. There will be a number of posts over the next while because there is much that … Continue reading

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