Summertime in the City

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I confess I was motivated to write by reading Anna Hergert’s blog about creativity in the summer.
When I opened my blog I realized that it has been a year since I last posted. Where has the time gone.
What have I been doing in that year. Well here’s a quick catch-up.
Last June I judged the National Juried Show in Vancouver and made a road trip back to Edmonton with a friend. It was a great trip. Then I spent a month in the east with a friend who needed a companion. Out of that came a lovely long shawl knitted in KidSilk Haze by Rowan.
Back home catch up in the garden, a fall workshop with Sue Spargo and the beginning of some reorganization in my studio. The stress is on the word beginning. I am still at it
The Sue Spargo work is another story to come and used a lot of my time this past winter?
Some of you know that another of my passions is politics and as this Spring was election year in Alberta I spent an intensive time working on my MLA’s campaign. Soon I will be onto doing the same for my MP’s campaign as a Federal Election is looming this fall.

But this summer – what have I been doing.
Well my garden consumes me,  starting as early as I can get out and it is the priority for the summer. Over the past two years I have converted my front yard to plants and despite having the whole yard dug up because of a water main break I kept at it and replaced things and am now nearly finished. A garden however is always a work in progress and a labour of love that demands daily work to keep it an earthly delight.

Work progresses in getting my studio under control and it is a major job, however as I work I am discovering projects unfinished and so cleaning up means sorting and finishing some things. That keeps me interested in the sorting and organizing process.

Several years ago I spent a couple of winters working in an experimental monthly workshop with Darlene Bayley. Out of that came a number of interesting pieces and one that I found unfinished was a sampler collage piece using Tyvek, Lutradur, metal, corrugated cardboard, paper, paint, fusible film and other fancy things that can be manipulated, distorted, painted, stamped etc. I am now in the process of stitching it. I plan to mount it on a canvas board.

Early mornings (too early to be in the garden because of mosquito’s ) sees me sitting and knitting on another long scarf. It was the inspiration of my cousin who owned Wool Revival. It is pinks and oranges and different yardnis used to knit two rows. I am knitting from about 28 balls of yarn and friends have contributed some small pieces of yarn so that there is as close to an infinite variety of variation to choose from. I find that I can knit about 5 – 8  two row sections at a time and then need a break for creativity to be refreshed.

That really speaks to my summer, trying to finish up  things but going at it in a way that is relaxed and moving from project to project gives me energy and helps me feel relaxed and I actually get more done.

I am preparing to start work on a new project that combines my love of clothing, and hand stitching. I have been wanting to do this for years and this summer the right ingredients have come together to stimulate a start on that.

So in spite of me thinking that I haven’t accomplished much or have much to say there are some things to tell. Hope that this update gives a good catch-up. I hope that I will be able to be more regular in my posts.


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