Glorious Autumn Day

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Today was a surfeit of delights.  Cool crisp morning walk with my sister along the top of the river valley.  Day bloomed into a bright blue and yellow. Leaves to crunch as I walked   to my friend’s home for a  Wooly B’s meeting this afternoon.  Stacks of silk and wool samples to be shared.  So luscious you could put them in a bowl and eat them, bright coloured patterned and solid textures silks, subtle fine wool suiting samples.  Also lots of  goodies you really could eat: veggies, fruit, cheese and new kinds of crackers topped off by slivers of mango chocolate.
We sorted wool samples outside that disappeared into our project bags.  The silk samples were held up and everyone democratically chose only a few each.  The munchies disappeared as we snacked and learned about a trip that one of our number had taken to Amsterdam Hamburg, Paris and points in between.  She came back with so many good books (among other things) that a new suitcase was acquired and still required assistance in heaving her carry-on up into the overhead bin.  The quilts at Patchwork Europe 2016 were reported to be spectatular and the show was said to be well worth attending.  She was there two days and the time really wasn’t enough.   Photographs will come at a later date but today was devoted to looking through some of the books.  The hostess also had some new books and there was the Maiwa catalogue to enjoy as well.  Mostly everyone gravitated to the Slow Stitching books and photographs.  Likely the others in the group like me left with heads dancing with new ideas.  We will likely focus on simple stitches this winter. Our variations will mostly be applied to wool.  I shared that my friend Anna Hergert has a book on Kantha coming out in the next while, a new Kantha class and is hopefully coming to Edmonton to teach it in the Spring at my invitation.  So now I have some folk on my list.
Enjoy every second of warm sunny weather as there will be lots of time this winter to develop those ideas.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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