Rain, Hail, Mosquitos

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Today it rained, followed by hail with me looking out the window and praying.  Fortunately the hail was not too damaging.  As soon as it was over I went out to plant some hostas that were rescued from a home in the neighbourhood about to be torn down.  So yes if you look carefully in a couple of the photos you will see some large hosta leaves looking rather scraggly.  My gloves were discarded, the mosquitos simply ignored the natural bug repellent. The fresh soil, wet hosta roots and compost all combined to create one of the grandest messes I have created in some time.  This post follows my second shower of the day and I am covered in bumps which will no doubt come itchy in good time.

It is good to go away and good to come home.  My time at Quilt Canada was a learning experience.  I chose well in selecting the classes to take.  They stretched me well out of my comfort zone.  In each class I hit the wall of discouragement and felt that perhaps I had bitten off more than I could chew.  However I stuck with it and have had some time to digest the learnings and will soon put scissors to fabric and fabric to needle. I will never be close to anything that Jane Sasseman could produce but I will take the process and work with it.  I certainly learned a new way of analayzing some of my favourite Arts & Crafts designers and a new way of looking at individual flowers in my garden.
I had an opportunity to visit a wonderful garden in Toronto and spend a day at Casa Loma.  These were great experiences and beautifully designed gardens with interesting plants presented a theme of flowers and plants.
What is a garden but a collection of earthly delights.  Working in my garden supports both my love of colour and texture. It brings me time to process my learnings and to let ideas come and be evaluated.  So my summer begins in earnest.  Working in the garden and working in my studio.



About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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