We’ve only just begun – 1

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I set goals and often I achieve them in the time set and sometimes I don’t.  One major goal I have lapsed repeatedly for many years is getting my basement studio operational again. Well yesterday saw me make a significant step forward.
Some 16 years ago I packed up all my glass, china, and pottery treasures accumulated over a life time.  This was done thinking that my basement would have to be replaced.  The boxes were stored in the basement and when the  basement didn’t need to be replaced they remained.  Life sped on, other interesting projects intervened.  Built-in were created in my dining room to accommodate these treasures but by then there were other treasures to fill them.  The kitchen was renovated and those cupboards got filled up with other possessions.
There were quilting projects to be done, new things to be learned, politics to get involved in, a granddaughter to spend time with, in short a full life.  All of this has been accompanied by repeated resolve and increasing guilt with each failure to get going. Perhaps there is a book on procrastination in this somewhere or would that be another excuse?
Well my neighbours planned a yard sale for our street.  It was finally time to get started. Yesterday was our sale and the 17 boxes stored in the basement are no longer there.  The yard sale was a major success in getting a start on removing treasures from the basement.   My sister helped me and said that unpacking all the boxes was just like Christmas without adding to her accumulation of possessions.  Possessions were  only returned my home is there was a place for them. Charity shops will benefit, friends will benefit, guilt is down and a sense of accomplishment up along with motivation to keep going.
The spin off of this start is that I have also reduced my e-mail in-basket this week by  2,500.  Starts have been made on 3 yard projects.  A trunk and two chests of clothing  have been sorted and downsized.  I am  excited about getting my house in order. I will check in on this again with progress and projects completed.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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4 Responses to We’ve only just begun – 1

  1. Leah Fisher says:

    Way to go Elinor!!!!👏🎉📢😄😄

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  2. annahergert says:

    Congratulations on a major accomplishment!

  3. Kathy Strawson says:

    Well done Elinor!

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