Happiness is a Garden

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Stepping outdoors this morning quickly brought me back in for my camera.  My discovery of the first explorer rose needed to be shared.  So the photos are of blooms in my garden this morning.  The sun is out and it is morning so not optimum time for photos but I hope that these snapshots will share the wonderful colour in the garden.
It has been exactly a month since my last post.  A busy early Spring would characterize my time and I have been travelling.  First I was in Winnipeg to be a judge at the Manitoba Prairie Quilters 2016 show.  The quality and variety of quilts were excellent.   The support team was right on their game and the judging went smoothly.
Their challenge pieces were very creative.  I bid on some but wasn’t lucky enough to submit a winning bid.  However their charity will certainly benefit.  I met new people from Manitoba and a fellow judge from New Brunswick.  Now I feel that I have new friends.  Just remembering their faces and voices;  how well I was treated and what a good time I had brings a smile to my face.
Plane schedules allowed me to arrive early enough to be able to spend the day at the Museum of Human Rights.  That experience merits a blog on its own one day.
Next I travelled to Vermilion to teach a couple of new courses on Colour and Design.  My last blog post details that experience.  Again I was treated very well, stayed in a beautful home in a great rural location, made new friends and had a stellar experience.
The Vermilion Quilt Guild 19th Annual Quilt Show was a couple of weeks later and some friends travelled down with me to see it.  It was a large show.  We came back with a couple of ideas for our local challenge and lots of inspiration.  The guild has about 40 members and there were 43 quilts in their charity quilt section for donation to a cancer charity.  I was impressed by the output of this guild and the energy and enthusiasm of the members.
The following week saw me off to Regina for the Prairie Piecemakers Quilt Guild Show.  I was one of the judges and had the experience of judging some great quilts.  The hardest part of judging as usual was  deciding on the winners as  there were many that deserved to be recognized. The chair of the show had everything well organized for the judges and I was blessed with a super scribe so again the process went smoothly and I had a very enjoyable time.
The weekend after the show was spent with friends at Buffalo Pound Lake. It is likely to be the last time I enjoy their hospitality at that location as Anna’s home with wonderful studio is up for sale.  We had a great time exploring the tunnels of Moose Jaw and a delightful day touring around Lake Diefenbaker.  Some wonderful photos of an old elevator, one of my favourite subjects are now in my photo cache and an idea for a new piece has been sketched.  We searched for meadowlarks.  I had not seen one since I was a child living in Saskatchewan and it was on my bucket list to see one again.  Colin spotted one, Anna got some wonderful pictures.
Now I am home again, doing catch-up on some quilt projects overdue, getting ready for the EDQG “A Night Out” challenge pieces to be judged. (I am the coordinator of the Prairie Rose Challenge this year.)  Gathering supplies for the classes at Quilt Canada and shopping for and planting annuals is the plan for the weekend.
I hope to see many of you at Quilt Canada.






About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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