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My last few days have been focused on using my creativity to design a couple of new workshops for an Alberta Quilt Guild.  This is a delightful activity in many ways because I read books, get inspirations, read more books, increase the number of ideas, want to try  many myself and then start writing and organizing.  It is all theoretical at this stage in terms of what might be able to be accomplished in an actual class.  To be considered – how knowledgable is everyone?  How to you get everyone to the the same level without overwhelming those who less experience and not bore those who have more.  What exercises will most engage the learners?   How much information should be provided to stimulate creativity and at the same time to help the concept be retained in long term memory.?
Once you have the initial design then a class description needs to be written.  Ideally then the instructor tries a variety of exercises, times them and gets the workshop design and lesson plan in a more structured form.  Supply lists and instructor requirement lists are then prepared and sent off.  Notice I said ideally.
These particular classes are being custom developed based on a survey the guild did of their members so that the members will get a workshop that will meet their needs and expand their knowledge.  The time frame is tighter than usual, however I seem to work quite productively under pressure because I am must totally focus.
Working intensively usually gets me off to a good start.  So the dishes sit, the bell rings on the washing machine and phone calls go to message.  Once in a while there is a break for a cup of tea and for the mind to take a breath so the information can sort and organize itself within the mind’s creative problem solving process.  One  such break caused me to respond to the ping of a new e-mail coming in and another to take the time to “pen” this blog.  I want to share an excerpt from Anna Hergert’s blog of Jan 28 “Up for a Challenge”

“Are you up to a free challenge? I subscribe to CreativeLive, a fabulous site with a wide variety of instruction via video feed. Many of these lessons are offered for free and one can then opt to buy the lesson for life-long access. Quite often the administrators offer bonuses for anyone interested. Yesterday I discovered an invitation to join the 28 Day Challenge in my inbox. Here is the link if you are interested in checking it out. I believe it will provide a little boost to anyone’s resolution about living life more creatively in 2016. Check it out and see if this free offer is something you might be interested in.”

I’m in and hope that this might interest some other readers  The key for me is that they can be short as there are too many quilt ideas and too little time.





About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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