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Today my world is still, grey and waiting. It feels like snow and that is something I never wish for but none the less it will come. Yesterday,Oct 31, the last bags of leaves from the apple and lilac trees were gathered up. Now they too wait.
Last night was a celebration – many creative creatures came to the door for their traditional loot. It was a relatively warm night and the rain didn’t start until after 7 PM so they came in waves literally. I had a very small fairy princess to start who wasn’t a bit scared of the scary white wolf ghost who peeked out from the big tree in front of my home. Only one Harry Potter this year but accompanied by Moaning Myrtle. Everyone was in costume, a cat in the hat, a Pooh who just who felt it was “time for a little something”. Best of all however was the paper bag princess. I told her that the “Paper Bag Princess” was the only piece of feminist literature any woman needs. If you don’t know about this book check out the wonderful Canadian writer – Robert Munch. (I’ve always had a dream to illustrate one of his books with fibre art.)
Today I change the screen in my storm door for the winter glass one. I think back on what I have done this past while and start making plans for what is next on my list. I have been away from my sewing machine and my needles for a very long time and the machine is calling me.
I was privileged to be an active part of my MP’s reelection campaign this summer and fall. Many people contributed to Linda Duncan’s team and Linda was tireless herself during this very long campaign. We were delighted to see her reelected to the House of Commons where she serves Edmonton Strathcona very well.
A couple of weeks ago I was also privileged to be a judge at the Saskatoon Quilt Show. The show was fabulous with over 400 quilts. There were many large bed quilts, traditional quilts and a good showing of contemporary art quilts. A real treat was to see Quilter of the Year – Gillian McDougald be honoured and then to view her wonderful display of work, I was awe struck by both the variety, the quality and the number of pieces.
If you notice the quilts behind the photo of Gillian at the podium you will see some bright stars.  They caught my attention because of the brightness but also because several had wonderfully complex Kaffe Fassett borders.  I am taken by the thought that it would be a wonderful challenge to select a great piece of Kaffe Fassett fabric for a border and then use it as inspiration for the blocks in a star quilt.  These quilts were part of a challenge however not all of them used a Kaffe Fassett fabric.  I am not sure what the challenge was but the idea sticks in my mind.  Something fun to file for later.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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