Prairie Rose Challenge


Every year the Edmonton and District Quilter’s Guild has a Prairie Rose Challenge.  These pieces are judged, comments are received and beautiful rosettes are made by one of our members Karen.
When we began any quilt of any size was how the challenge went.  Trying to hang these quilts at our banquet was a real problem some years due to space and hanging size limitations.  Over time the challenge has evolved to where we have a theme and now a size.
Some years we choose a fabric.  This year a fabric was chosen from a line of fabric designed by Elaine Quehl for Northcott Fabrics.  The fabric chosen was “Spring Rain” from her 2014 line entitled “Falling Leaves”.  The theme of the piece was “Home” and the size was 12″ X 12″  Each participant purchased a fat quarter and set off into the world of creativity.
For me this was a case of the fabric providing the design inspiration.  I am from Saskatchewan and I could see fields in my piece.  I have always wanted to try an embroidered inset and so this was the opportunity.
Elane’s original piece was pieced to give the effect of the spring colours.  Northcott took the original and turned it into a print.  I took the print and deconstructed it into little squares  and reassembled  it to get the flow of a field and colour sense of a mid spring field. Then I added the embroidery using probably my favourite chain stitch.  I found the repetitive chain stitch picking up the colours in the square I had chosen to be peaceful to do.  Creating this piece provided both challenge and fun and I would like to try the concept again as I now feel that I can take it another step.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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