Canada Day 2015

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Happy Canada all!. After a wonderful walk in the valley this morning I am home now and ready for the final preparation for my Canada Day Party. This year is a smaller party but with much the same format. Friends gather in the afternoon to sit on the patio and we work on a craft. This year I have come up with a Canada bookmark. This is much easier than the wool wallhanging from two years ago that took two years to complete. It will be fun, with lots of embellishments to choose from. So a little embroidery, a little sangria, a lot of visiting.

Later some little people will come for a barbecue and some fun. This year I don’t think that any of my friends will stay to walk down to see the fireworks. They should be very good as there will be music synced to the lights on the High Level bridge which should be spectacular followed by the fireworks.

We are so fortunate to live in a democracy where we have a lot of individual freedom and lots of opportunity to help make Canada a better place to live for so many who are not so fortunate. Particularly today I am thinking of the First Nations women who are missing or disappeared. We need to support an inquiry – to look at the root causes in a detailed way and put a plan in place to change the root causes. So not just talk but action to make a difference.


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I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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