New York – from 5th Avenue to Soho

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When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.  Even though when we went outside any distance the tears ran down our faces due to the cold and wind – what’s a girl to do?  How can you be in New York and not go shopping?  Of course we did.  The time was short, but we did our considerable best.   First stop  – 5th Avenue. One essential place for me to go was Tiffany’s.  The whole store was – well dazzling!  There are interesting designs by well known designers, that I admired,  particularly Paloma Picasso.    For me there has always been nothing better than a Tiffany’s diamond – solitaire setting originally but now there are so many beautiful contemporary designs.  I just admired.  I have decided that diamonds are the best of any precious stone because they catch the light and add sparkle to any day.

From there we went across the corner to Bergdorf Goodman.  The 5th floor displays went from one perfect diorama to another.  Each one was chock full of beautiful objects ‘d art.  There was only time to get an impression.  The whole store was a sensory delight.  No one who knows me all will believe it when I say that was all of the department stores on 5th Avenue that I saw.  However I swear that it is true,

I wanted to explore other parts of New York shopping while we had a knowledgable guide.   We went to Soho which turned out to be lots of fun.  We started at Kate Spade and the colours of the clothes ,bags accessories and the shop arrangement was spectacular.  We were warmed by this delightful store.  Because that is where we started one morning we intended to make it back.  However there were so many other temptations that we didn’t get back.

We went to Stella McCartney and again the colours of spring, particularly a soft yellow caught my attention.  The clothes were creative and appealing.  We found shop with very contemporary minimalist design clothes of wonderful natural fibres called IF.

The shop we spent the most time in is unique to New York and the Gudrun Sjoden  shop in Soho is he only North American shop of this Swedish designer. It was so colourful.  Her design inspirations come mostly from nature and bright colours abound in nature and in Gudrum’s clothes.  We had so much fun in the store.  There were 5 of us and everyone tried on and on and on.  It was one of those stores that cause me a lot of trouble because the easy way to deal with it is to choose one of everything.  I managed to narrow it down and don’t think that there was anything that wouldn’t have been great.  Each time I came out of the dressing room I saw something else.  No one left empty handed and now that we know our sizes the online catalogue will be a source of inspiration,  The designs themselves are simple.  It is the patterns and colour combinations that are the most fun.

New York shopping could be a career path in itself.  The slideshow in this blog is mostly about colour and pattern.  I find it inspiration for pieces that may be part of a New York collection at some time.



About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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2 Responses to New York – from 5th Avenue to Soho

  1. Elinor Burwash Designs says:

    The one thing I wanted was to have my picture taken in front of Tiffany’s. It is beyond terrible. I am so wrapped up I look like a stuffed sausage and mentally I was obviously comparing myself to Audrey Hepburn. Ah well, vanity.

  2. Anna Hergert says:

    Ahhh, Tiffani’s – I am sure you didn’t have breakfast there… ? Thanks for sharing the shopping adventure with us today!

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