Orappa Creek Farms

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A coat needs a hat, especially in what I am guessing could be cool and windy New York. Somehow ear muffs or toque just don’t seem right.
So I took myself to the Old Strathcona Market several weeks ago and consulted with my friend Helen Gladson of Orappa Creek Farms As you can see she is, among other things a felt artist. A chat with Helen on a Saturday morning always yields up some new idea or creation.
We began a consultation on a hat that would work. All the hats that were in the booth were tried on to get a sense of what design would work. Helen has many interesting shapes and adds texture through pleats and a variety of fibres. I was most concerned about having a hat that would cover my ears. Once we had a shape that I thought would work then we set about to choose a colour. Of course black was obvious with the carmel coloured coat. However I wanted a hat that was of about the same value as the coat and not carmel. After some more conversation that considered colour we finally settled on green. Now how did I explain the green that I wanted? Something in an olive range. This was a challenge for Helen as I could see the colour in my minds eye but as I hadn’t brought anything to show. We looked carefully at her spun wool and I was able to point out a small piece of one skein that seemed close to what I wanted.
Halen then started to work in her studio on the farm. A week ago I went to the market and found several hats waiting for me. Three different colour ways and one very unusual design. They were all taken home and auditioned. I loved the unusual design but just couldn’t carry it off and so settled on the original shape I had chosen. Helen had made it in a heathery olive green that works in value with the coat. As you can see the brim rolls up nicely and if the wind gets bad I can roll it down. We both think that it might look nice with a pin so I am now auditioning pins in my collection.
Now we just need the New York weather to cooperate. The long range forecast looks like it is going to be colder than anticipated. As long as it is warm enough to walk through Central Park and other touristy areas I will be happy.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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