2015 Goals

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This blog will focus on fibre arts related goals for this year. There are others – travelling, work around my home and garden, political volunteering however the fibre arts are the “big rocks” as the story goes.
The first one and it relates to the photographs at the top the blog is to extend my teaching, speaking and writing efforts. To that end I have been invited to teach some workshops at a local shop Quilters Dream
Another big undertaking is my decision to register as a candidate for the Canadian Quilters Association’s Judging program. While it is true that I have judged over the years in a number of forums and have had some training when I was a District Home Economist with Alberta Agriculture this training is far more extensive. It will put to the test my memory from design classes in University and call upon my collective knowledge over my quilting career which now spans over 35 years. It will also be a test to see if I have kept up to date on new techniques, materials and changing ways of doing things with evolving styles as well as being able to use my knowledge of history of quilting and the different genres within quilting. I hope that my love of working in many areas of textiles and with many fibres will prove beneficial. There is extensive studying, reading and exercises to do in preparation for the actual first phase of training in Lethbridge at the CQA conference in Lethbridge in June.
I have downloaded the materials and am excited about starting to explore my library and add to it as I get started. Part of the undertaking is to keep a journal and I am sure that I will share my excitement, discoveries and learnings in my posts as I move forward.
There are upcoming shows to aspire to. Edmonton and District Quilters Guild will have their biannual show in June and I have some ideas about what I might submit. and there is also the CQA show in Lethbridge in June as well.
It promises to be an exciting year and I hope that my followers will enjoy it along with me.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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  1. julz says:

    I am currently following a blogging101 course and today’s assignment was to find blogs to follow – so I’ve chosen yours – love your work – this is me: http://julzcrafts.wordpress.com

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