2014 – A Year in Review

Well now that I have completed my 365 CDA’S it is time to take a look back over this past year. The very first thing accomplished was to create this blog. I posted 46 times which surprised me. When I reviewed the year-end stats I found 46 followers, another surprise. I got to know my camera better and was able to remember some of the knowledge acquired in my photography class from University. there is a long way to go and I am waffling about how much time I want to invest in improving my photography as I fear that will lead to a need for more equipment. The biggest challenge with blogs, for me, is to get the photographs into the blog and to add links. More learning to come in 2015 on that topic.
The second big undertaking was the CDA’s themselves. I learned that it takes mush longer to do one than originally anticipated. All in all with designing creating, photographing editing, uploading and posting I probably invested about 300 hours in the task.
The learnings were many. I tried new materials, learned to work in series, had fun in pushing the boundaries. At first I worked faithfully each day. As the months wore on, particularly in April with 30 days I created an overall canvas and then cut the pieces apart and worked on individual pieces. Still later I found that it was just the best use of time to start and keep at it until it was complete, for example July.
Another big accomplishment this year was acting as the Show Secretary for the Focus on Fibre Arts show “Prairies”. The tasks were mostly organizational and I spent a lot of time at my computer. I also had the experience of overseeing a jury and judges for the first time. This project used over 500 hours of time. I did meet the artists and enjoyed the new people I met nd corresponded with.
My travelling took me to Vancouver three times this past year. The first time I went via the Rocky Mountaineer and saw things that one never sees from the Trans Canada. It was a once in a lifetime experience and as a result I made my first foray into a collage. That is the image at the top of this post. After my sister and I arrived in Vancouver we were met by my other sister and we went over to the Island where she lives. She took us to the Filberg Festival in Comox and we spent a wonderful day exploring all the booths of crafts and meeting artists with many different creative talents. At the Filberg we had some unusual popsicles. Back home at my sister’s I undertook to use some of her plentiful blackberries to make blackberry lavender popsicles which were greatly enjoyed.
My second trip to Vancouver was to take a felted jacket workshop with Rutsuko Sakata through Maiwa Handprints. Rutusko is an impressive textile artist who lives in n artist enclave called Fiskars in Finland. Her work is inventive, creative and time intensive. This was my first real effort at wet felting and it is an undertaking. Hopefully the finished jacket will make it to a blog post soon.
The third trip just before Christmas saw my sister and me stay at the wonderful Georgia hotel. We were treated to a glittering crystal decorated Christmas tree, a ride in a Bentley and also enjoyed using their gym. We had an occasion to see the “Forbidden City” exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. While it wasn’t possible to bring home any pictures it was inspiring to see the textiles, the painting on silk and the exquisite porcelain from centuries past and exhibiting a sophisticated art future.
I also had the good fortune this past summer to attend a week of Anna Hergert’s Art Quilt Camp in Muenster Sask. It was a wonderful experience. I especially enjoyed meeting other text artists and the synergy and inspiration that was generated by talking with them. I also really enjoyed the dying that we did together, particularly the parfait dying. I wanted to so some shibori and discovered that what I wanted to do would likely take me a lifetime to stitch before dying.
There are many new goals for 2015 and those will be posted next.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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