Green – April CDA’s

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OK, we’re getting there!

April CDA’s theme was green. In April I had a lovely bunch of white tulips on my coffee table. The image was appealing so I took some photographs to reduce them to two dimensions and then between the photos and the actual vase of flowers I started to paint. Setacolor paint onto a piece of white cotton fabric with a smooth weave was used. It was lots of fun just swooping in leaf shapes with my paint brushes By the time I got to painting the bouquet it was mostly leaves and so “green”. Once painted and set the fabric was cut into 3 ½” By 2 !/2″ pieces – 30 of them. How lucky that April has 30 days. Each piece of fabric was layered with Peltex and backing fabric, edges finished and each piece labelled with the date to keep the pieces in order.

Next I collected all the green thread, yarn and beads I could find. A new book just received – “Creative Stitching” by Sue Spargo was added to the tray along with a selection of needles and some Silamide thread.
The learning and the fun commenced. The goal was to try as many stitches from the Sue Spargo book as possible. The learning was in translating the directions for right-handed people to work for my left hand. Also to try to work with as many different textures of thread to see how they would perform. Some times it was possible to work through only the top layer, other times not. Then getting the larger eye needle through the three layers occasioned some blue air.
To start I picked out one clear line on each piece. Also when I started if the line extended over more than one CDA then I used the same stitch and yarn. This can be seen in the numbers 1 – 15. Then something intervened and they were put aside for a quieter time. Of course that “quieter” time (not). occurred about the 20th of December. This time I tried a different strategy. Each piece was treated like a separate unit and the CDA was just embroidered or embellished with no reference to the others adjacent. You can see the difference when you look at the CDA”s photographed as one. This got them finished to be able to be posted.
I love the look so much that I will go back and add more embroidery to unify the piece more and then mount the pieces onto a canvas so that I can enjoy them again. My plan is to revisit all the sets of CDA’s and mount any that I want to enjoy further.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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2 Responses to Green – April CDA’s

  1. kathy says:

    I love how they all came together in the final frame.

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