Black Magic – Oct. CDA’s

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Another late (but still in the same year) set of CDA’s. October’s theme was Black Magic and my concept proved to be another good learning experience.
The CDA”s were inspired by a harvest moon on a partly cloudy night. The first task was to see how many different materials could be employed to create the moons. Various colours and combinations of Setacolor paints were tried first. Inktense pencils came next but were soon eliminated because when the colour was wet for setting it disappeared into the background. Four have been included in two different colours, one in each that was wet and then coloured over and one not so that I would have a record. All of my CDA’s have the how to on the back so that I can reproduce if I want to. Following this a deep yellow wool roving was tried. There were two learnings here: to get the punch needle to penetrate – difficult and then to get the round shape evenly filled. A challenge given the difficulty in needling the sandwich. Last resort and easiest was using fabric: – a plain deep yellow and a yellow with some deeper markings that I fancied looked like the markings on the moon.
Now there were moons, next was to try to create the illusion of luminosity with the moon shining through the clouds. This was harder and I selected a variety of different white through gray dryer lint. Dryer lint is not at all transparent but recommended itself as it gave a good impression of the clouds I was trying to create. The range of grays on the different “moons” completed the experiment.
PS No you can’t see how I secured the lint to the CDA’s no matter how hard you try because the netting all be added another day.


About Elinor Burwash Designs

I am a fibre artist, teach quilting and am a quilt judge.
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