Fall Morning in Edmonton

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It is October and the weather here is still beautiful for the mid autumn.   I am fortunate enough  to live close to the river valley and a neighbour and I walk in the valley several times a week.  When we start at 7 AM these days it is very dark and a wee flashlight helps guide us.  By the time it is 8 AM and we are completing our circuit it is light. The dark pictures show the downtown from a pedestrian bridge and the lighter ones reflect the west part of the circuit as we come up the hill just behind the Old Timers Cabin and it gets nearer to 8 AM.

The Edmonton river valley is beautiful, particularly in fall.  We have access to a great and extensive network of trails.  They are used by walkers and bikers with many using it as a transportation corridor to work. Currently there is a pedestrian bridge across the North Saskatchewan river that makes it a great commuting route to down town.  Unfortunately our city is planning to destroy the bridge to make way for a new Light Rapid Transit (LRT) line.  We will all miss it and Edmonton will be the loser as another city goal is to make the city core more accessible by bike commuters.

Our river valley is home to some people, – both individuals and families.   As these pictures were taken our city is in the process of doing a count of homeless people.  We have done much to alleviate homelessness in Edmonton.  However increasing numbers of new arrivals, increasing rents and lack of adequate services for the mentally ill or those with addictions are making it a challenge to meet our goals in eliminating homelessness.  It would be interesting to hear how other cities are moving to support people in the eradication of homelessness,

We  have a wonderful city to live in and we are growing in exciting ways.  Edmonton is a friendly and individual neighbourhoods form welcoming communities that act in some ways as small towns in terms of being caring and supportive microcosm to live in.  We have lots of interesting places to go to, things to see and Edmonton is a great place to call home.


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