Dyeing in Wool

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Today was a fun day in the country.  Some of the members of a bee group called the “Wooly Bees”  belonging to the Edmonton and District Quilter’s Guild got together at one of the members lake cottage to dye wool.

I was grateful to have had the experience in dyeing with cotton earlier this past summer at Anna Hergert’s  “Art Quilt Camp” .  So I was a bit more relaxed about undertaking this process.  We used some weak acid dyes that various members had assembled together with pieces of wool that members had in their stashes.  The wool was in most cases repurposed or recycled from previous use in garments. it seems that we all have the same propensity to save things that might be of some future use although we know not what. We used all the white or off white we could find and expanded this to houndstooth, pale colours in crepe and some plaid.

Our mixing formulas were not recorded as with the many different fabrics we wouldn’t be able to repeat and get the same results anyway.  So we just had fun experimenting using our knowledge of colour and taking some risks in combining those dyes.  We ended up with some luscious colours, some unexpected results that we liked and some that we didn’t.  Because we are a group with various colour loves most every piece will be claimed by someone.

Our hostess greeted us with coffee, tea and breakfast.  When we began to flag we sat down to a potluck Italian lunch that revived our energy.  Lunch occasioned a conversation about various members experiences in Venice that tied nicely to the topic of the celebrity wedding in Venice on
Sat.  Tired but happy we concluded our  days endeavours when we had used up the fabric that we brought.  We will get to enjoy the outcomes at our next meeting when the pieces are dry and I am sure that we will ooh and aah all over again about what we created.

Errata: After my usual hours of trying to get the photographs edited, uploaded and most difficult of all in a slide show format I have given up and the phantom slide will have to remain phantom.

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