Homemade You Know What

IMG_5691 IMG_5692One of my favourite things is to have an occasion, read excuse to bake something luscious that I can justify because I share the results.  It was my cousin’s birthday last week and I went searching in a fairly new cookbook called Butter.  

After reading, read looking at the pictures I decided upon a recipe for cookies entitled “The Homemade You Know What”.  The cookies are nearly a meal in themselves with each one starting with a ice cream scoop of dough.  Then when baked layered with a buttercream filling and topped with another chocolate cookie they are a generous dessert to be enjoyed with a special coffee or tea.

I certainly enjoyed mine and no one I gave them to asked for their money back so to speak so I think they were worth the effort.  If I had an occasion to make them again I would make them tiny so they could be added to a selection on a dessert plate.  I think that people likely would then not feel that they had to protest on general principles.  I have a philosophy on desserts.  Don’t waste the calories unless the goodie is truly decadent.  Then eat it with abandon and without guilt.

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One Response to Homemade You Know What

  1. Anna Hergert says:

    They look amazing!!! Wish I had one of those for Colin’s birthday this week – we had a broken water pump and without running water I wasn’t about to start baking…

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