Symphony in the City

Labour Day weekend in Edmonton typically hosts a series of Edmonton Symphony concerts at Hawrelak Park.  This year because of the Trialathon World series event changes were made. Instead we had Symphony in the City.  There were three concerts; on Friday and Saturday evening 12,000 Edmontonians filled Churchill Square in the heart of the city each evening for a wonderful Disney concert.

Sunday evening the venue moved to Kinsmen park just east of our HIgh Level Bridge.  The McDades entertained us for a rousing concert.  This was followed by the traditional 1812 overture.  As usual at the appropriate time cannons were discharged, audience members rattled their keys and this year the finale was accompanied by fireworks.

The piece de resistance were the lights on the High Level.  We have had a campaign:  Light the Bridge that resulted in 60,000 LED bulbs being mounted on the Bridge.  The lights were programmed to work together with the music and with the Celtic colours there was a constantly changing array of lights.

Additionally the second deck of the bridge which used to be used by the railway now is used for a trolley car in the summer months.  Last night we enjoyed the trolley car slowly going across the bridge with occupants waving to the crowd and us waving back.

IMG_5703 IMG_5704 IMG_5707 IMG_5709 IMG_5712 IMG_5713What a wonderful conclusion to a summer of festivals in this Festival City.


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