Singing in the Rain

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Okay, so catching up is hard to do.  It is fun and ideas seem to come readily when it comes to CDA’s it is just finding the time.  Obviously I haven’t found the time every day which is the task.  CDA’s are intended to be a daily act of creativity.  Somewhere about April I lost the hang of it for a number of reasons.  Ah well.

Here they are “Singing in the Rain”.  June was relatively dry in Alberta.  My garden is a high priority and it demanded and got my time as that is one of the things I love to do. Another good thing about June was it had 30 days.  That means that I can create an overall  plan for my CDA’s and they fit into a rectangle.

I used that to create a simple landscape using pieces of fabric that were in plain sight and left over from other projects. I cut the pieces free hand to create a very simple landscape with simple shapes.  I tried to use bright colour.  The reason for the bright colours was that I wanted them to show through a  sheer piece of fabric of blue fabric that would mask the landscape enough to create the feeling of a misty rainy day.  All of this was held in place with a variety of kinds of silver metallic threads to form the rain.  The singing part comes through the use of the shiny metallics.  It is interesting for me to look at each individual CDA and see if it is a composition that could stand on its own.  At the same time I look to see if I can figure out where it fits in the puzzle of 30 pieces.

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