Imagine – May CDA’s

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Imagine that!  My May CDA’s are finished.  The theme for those of you who are new to this creative daily act was Imagine for May.

I have undertaken a fitness program in the past months and I was challenged to imagine myself as where I wanted to be.  While I am enthusiastic it is hard to make time to do this every day.  I am trying to incorporate individual exercises into daily routines so that it seems less of a chore.  My goals  – to be tall, trim, strong and straight will be easy for those who sew, knit, work on the computer and love chocolate to identify with.   When I close my eyes and think about physical fitness it is the colour orange that comes to me.  Mental fitness is periwinkle.

My May CDA’s were created to help me remember.  One that says tall and straight is tucked into the handle on my sewing machine.  Another that says all  four goals its above my kitchen sink.  I will think of places where I need to be reminded and put an individual CDA where it will draw my attention to what I should be doing,  For example as I sit at the computer I would like to be reminded of  – straight.  In the slides you will see 30 of the CDA’s in a grid showing the line drawing of a body that is what I am aiming for.

My undertakings in fitness have involved a number of explorations.  I have always been very reluctant to join any fitness classes as I can never figure out exactly what moves I am to make nor can I figure out how to actually do them.  I had the good fortune to make the acquaintance of Barb Turner, of   Barb has proven to be a marvel for me.  She understands that I need to know exactly what to do and how to do it.  When I can practice until I am comfortable with a particular exercise then I feel confident enough to join a group.  I am finding that I am increasing in confidence with the process of becoming fit.  The outcomes of looking and feeling better are motivation to continue.

You will have heard me mention my interest in incorporating text into my pieces.  I tried some new things this time.  Working with my friend Shirley who is a marvel with stamps we tried using various inks and embossing techniques with stamps.  Some techniques and colours were more successful than others.  Then I tried different fonts on the computer and different thickness of pens.  A Pigma pen with a 1mm tip worked for the proven method of tracing the short words directly on to the top layer of fabric.  A new (to me) Pebeo SetaSkrib+ fabric marker pen was used to draw the thicker outlines of the body.  All of these were ironed after using to “set” the ink.



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