IMG_5232This past weekend Kathy, Sonja and I went off to visit Drumheller.  Reason for the visit – “Quilting in the Badlands”.  I had never been to Drumheller AB so this was a first and I was prepared to be wowed by the geography. I was!

The quilting came first however.  We arrived in time to view all the quilts hung on the main street.  I especially enjoyed a quilt likely made in the 30″s or 40″s.  It was a pinwheel quilt made of scraps with a half square triangle in the corner of each block  that appeared like a diamond in the overall design.  The background fabric was a cream and the pieces in the quilt were print and scrappy.  The diamonds were solid coloured pastels of equal value.  The pinwheels made of scrappy fabric were well-balanced with most reading of a medium value.  The prints were overall and the scale varied from small to medium.  I enjoy seeing vintage quilts that are traditional in design.  The designs can be timeless and I find my eye returning to a well done vintage quit to see something I missed the last time.  These successful old quilts tell me that good design is timeless.

Following that after enjoying our packed picnic lunch we went off to hear Anna Hergert, the Canadian Quilter’s Guild 2014 Teacher of the Year give a lecture on creativity.  It was both inspiring and practical.  One of the things that Anna talked about was creativity on a daily basis and exhorted each of us to do something creative every day.  This year Anna and I started the Creative Daily Acts (CDA’s) and we are doing that.

I interpreted Anna’s lecture as a  talk about creativity as a lifestyle.  For example cook a dish, cut and arrange some flowers.  Some days I just don’t get to my CDA’s and feel that I haven’t stretched my creativity and just as important haven’t received that feeling of satisfaction from having applied creativity.  So cooking as a creative endeavour was a delight.  I am very creative in my cooking.  When people ask me for a recipe I always have to pause and try to remember what I changed in the recipe.  I might not have an  ingredient, or am trying to make it without dairy or gluten or lower fat or less sugar.  I digress.

Anna’s lecture was inspiring and she had many examples within her body of work that she brought to show.  Those who attended were able to spend a good time  studying her work and asking questions.  She is so generous with describing how she did something and there is so much detail to observe that one can easily see why she is Teacher of the Year 2014.

I am quite excited as between looking at Anna’s work and  studying and taking pictures of the Badlands landscape and flora I have some new ideas to explore when I go to Anna’s “Art Quilt Campus” this summer.

Then we were off to the quilt show.  It proved to be small, with some gems of work contained in it.  I hope that the next one will get earlier and more prolific advertising and that people from outside the community will realize that they can enter.  It is a great way to spend a summer weekend so take the time to watch for the advertising.

The next morning saw us off on a “Wild West Badlands Tour”.   Our hosts Don and Val were very knowledgeable and we learned a lot about the area as well as seeing spectacular scenery with different features including the Hoo Doo’s.   It was very impressive.  There is more to explore including a pottery studio, the Atlas Coal Mine, The Royal Tyrell Museum so that suggests that there will be another time and perhaps that will include the Passion Play.  The site for it was quite intriguing.

Home again with many pictures.  I kept thinking that the layers of various  material that makes up the spectacular cliffs looks like a layer cake with the various fillings being squeezed out.  This is exactly what is happening.  The time span of the creation of these cliffs is almost beyond comprehension.  The picture above shows wonderful texture and I expect that you will see it in a quilt sometime in the future


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