Still Spring


"I've lost my mommy"

“I’ve lost my mommy”

Edmonton had a beautiful sunny day on Tuesday and perfect for working in the garden. I got a good solid twelve hours in and there is still lots to do – mostly keep up with the weeds. Today it is raining, just a gentle continuous rain and we really need it. It is wonderful to look out into the garden and see nice black soil in-between the plants. My goal with my garden is to have something blooming in each bed throughout the summer. As my beds are perennials this can be a challenge. However right now I am in luck although the best bed is my purple bed with fragrant medium coloured purple iris, white and purple iris with a good show of Alliums – mainly purple with a few white for contrast.
The picture at the top of this post is another volunteer garden ornament. When I went around to my new (in progress) front yard beds I discovered the little magpie sitting in the exact same spot as the rabbit earlier in the week. Weeding in that bed was delayed for over an hour: he just sat, not moving but blinking from time to time. Finally he decided to find Mommy and started down the street, unfortunately in the direction of two cats sunning themselves next door. I tried to discourage them from approaching him and he just waddled on in his own sweet time visiting with a small child and his grandmother who came by. Now he was calling to Mom, although she didn’t appear. Next time I looked up he had disappeared down the street. As I didn’t hear any kerfuffle I think that he made it past the cats safely.

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