Next Steps

TulipsToday I feel like I have just finished a year of University and don’t know what to do next. In fact what I have finished and is likely only ¾” done is my work on the Focus on Fibre Arts Association show that opened on May 4th at the Extension Galley in Enterprise Square in downtown Edmonton. I still have ribbons and comment sheets to send out and wrap up work on the process and some early design on the brochure for our next show, 2 years hence, However after the intensity of the past week and the three months preceding it I have that feeling of  what comes next.

First I want to backtrack and talk about the “Prairies” show. There are 84 pieces that comprise the show. They include: rug hooking, quilting, needlework,hand knitting, weaving/tapestry, textile design, wearables,soft sculpture (dolls) and mixed media. If you can’t get to see the show it is on the FFAA website and we have produced a catalogue. It is a real celebration of textile art. Attention is drawn to the show by the trees on Jasper Ave. between 102 and 103 St. being yarn bombed.

Now to my projects – where to begin? I guess the first is to complete my CDA’s for April and then onto May. I also have a commission quilt that I must focus on and of course my hands are itching to get out to the garden. It is almost warm enough today and it certainly will be tomorrow. By then my daffodils will have started to bloom. Weeds appear to be doing well and there are some tiny green buds on both my Linden tree and double flowering plum. I do wish I could say that was all that was all that is to be done. I always have a list that is longer than I can ever dream of completing and at the same time there is no shortage of new ideas.

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