Spring – Assurances of

an Impression od Spring

an Impression od Spring

So yes, in the past couple of days I have discovered several signs of Spring. In Calgary yesterday I saw a robin outside my B&B window.  Later in the day I returned home to find a lone crocus in bloom.  About three weeks late, but none the less a sign.  A third sign is that there are weeds in my garden that are green.  Too wet today to dig them but no doubt they will be in fine form once the rain (and later today I understand snow) stops.

I have learned from all of this that colours I especially dislike are the shades of the Calgary landscape: beige, brown, dull yellow, puce? of the inversion layer yesterday.  Dirty white – the mountains through the smog.  This reinforces for me that I love bright intense clear colour.  So yes it was great to return home to my green CDA’s yesterday.  Please don’t get me wrong, I really like Calgary for some great shops and restaurants and their joie de vivre spirit which is unstoppable.

My blog has been neglected because I have been working hard on preparation for the Focus on Fibre Arts show “Prairie” on May 4th at 7 PM at the Enterprise Square 10230 Jasper Ave.  If any readers of this post are going to be in the Edmonton area on May 4th please consider this your invitation to attend.  The boxes containing the mailed entries are stacking up in my home. I am itching to open them and have my own private showing but want to make sure that they reach Enterprise Square safely go am foregoing that pleasure.

We are going to have a catalogue of the show and I think that it will be a wonderful show catalogue. I have spent a lot of time with the artist statements.  They reflect the emotions of the artists as they express their love of the prairies. I have experienced joy, sadness, and they have evoked memories of my life as a prairies girl.  Sometimes I have had to stop typing to wipe away the tears.  I think that the  “Prairies” show is going to be an outstanding one and that many people will want a catalogue to remember it.

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4 Responses to Spring – Assurances of

  1. Anna Hergert says:

    The show sounds amazing, Elinor. I know how much time and energy you have invested over the past months – wish I could attend the opening. I will be there in spirit!

  2. Janet Ng says:

    I wish you a another Great Springtime, thanks for your time and effort plus all the best to the show!

    • elinorburwashdesigns says:

      Thanks Janet. You should be able to see the other pieces in the show on the FFAA website on Monday May 5th.

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