Prairies Show Update.

vintage and new materials repurposed

vintage and new materials repurposed

Last week we had the jurying for the upcoming Focus on Fibre Arts Association “Prairies” show.  We have 84 entries , some in each of the 9 categories of fibre art.

The show will be held initially at Enterprise Square 10230 Jasper Ave. in Edmonton. The opening reception and prize presentation  will be at 7 PM on Sunday May 4th.  We welcome all.

We are quite excited about the quality of the show.  As the show secretary I found that more and more people are moving to original design and away from patterns in many of the disciplines.  That being said there are many very creative individuals doing designs that are being used for patterns in many of the disciplines as well.  I particularly noted that in needle arts and in hand knitting.

I have had  feedback from some folk that they feel that what they do is not valued because it is traditional or from patterns.  My response is that any undertaking in the world of fibre contains the creative energy of the person who creates it.  While it may be a traditional pattern or traditional form it is made unique by the person who is creating it.  When a piece of appliqué or some hand knitting comes to life under the needle(s) of an individual it becomes their creative expression by the fabric colours they choose, by the yarn or threads they use.

If you look back to “old” quilts for example let’s just look at “log cabin”.  You may in a museum see several log cabin block quilts.  Do you ever see two that are identical?  So I believe the term fibre art honours all we do.  We are discovering how to push the envelope in many ways.  Our contemporary work will be honoured in museums by future generations as a product of this time.  It will include a broad range of techniques and materials.

In the words of a very creative woman, Elly Sienkiwicz, whose research and work focuses on Baltimore album – “your stitched beauty will warm hearts yet unborn” .

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2 Responses to Prairies Show Update.

  1. elinorburwashdesigns says:

    Thanks Anna. Yes, the sun is shining here today and the wind is helping dry up the large puddles. If I could I’d be in the garden.

  2. Anna Hergert says:

    Elinor, such great news about the entry numbers into “Prairies” – you worked so hard to spread the word. Love your statement “…any undertaking in the world of fibre contains the creative energy of the person who creates it…” I supports my own philosophy of embracing creativity, one small “act” a day. Whether one tries a new recipe, changes a recipe, arranges flowers, sets the table with love and a few special touches or creates a whole quilt – each undertaking is steeped in creativity. Hope the sun is shining into your backyard. It appears that spring is on its way on the prairies.

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