Feb 27, 2014, Shibori


I gathered my courage in both hands and took a Shibori workshop this past Saturday. I had not dyed anything since I was in University and had steadfastly evaded it. I love hand dyes and I used them a lot in my landscapes in years gone by. I have used others hand dyes and for a time had a colleague who would dye to my specifications. However all good things come to an end.
In my memory dying was messy, time consuming and just too much trouble. However I have wanted to work with some indigo hand dyes for a long time so I thought I would give it a go. Then at least I hopefully would have enough indigo dyed pieces to add to my wonderful Japanese indigo pieces to make a small quilt for my home.
So things have changed in the dye world since I was in University. Changed a lot in fact, I now have a plan to attend Anna Hergert’s studio workshop in Muenster Sask. in late July. I will dye and dye and dye indigo and then perhaps get a start on a series of indigo pieces and add my favourite Shashiko stitching.
If this studio workshop interests you check it out on Anna’s blog. Information is on her blog from Dec. 16, 2013. Anna’s blog is at www.annahergert.wordpress.com

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One Response to Feb 27, 2014, Shibori

  1. Anna Hergert says:

    Thanks for your help in spreading the word, Elinor. There are only five spots left in week two of Art Quilt Campus 2014.

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