Feb 23, 14 – Olympic Pursuits


Last autumn I found my way to an Alberta Health Program called STEP. This is a physical fitness program for people wanting to become more active.  Individual fitness components were assessed at the beginning and again at the end of 8 weeks. I attended twice a week. In addition to the physical exercise portion of the program there were some educational sessions as well. Their aim was to get participants to set a goal for physical fitness and then to carry through. I wanted to improve my fitness so this worked very well for me.
In January I began taking a weekly strength class and a core class. These are big steps forward for me and while I am fairly motivated I don’t have a history of being a very active person.

The winter Olympics couldn’t have come at a better time for me. The coverage  about athletes moving faster, soaring higher and the pursuit of excellence resonates with me. Now don’t get me wrong, I will never be s speed skater or a skier let along a snow boarder. However I do see how having a goal in fitness is a great motivator.

During Olympic coverage today someone said “there is no such thing as an unassisted goal”.  I realized I have a great booster to assist me: Barb from 3tsystem. She is helping me pace my striving for physical fitness with workouts that I can and want to do. Barb knows what I can do and gently, gently she ups the effort in achievable increments. I feel like I am making progress and am excited.  Take a look at Barb’s website at http://www.3tsystem.ca to see some pictures of what’s happening with her clients including me.

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