Feb 20 Virginia Stephen


Some new snow, chilly (-15) and on its way to colder but the early morning sun is glinting of a high rise I can see from my living room window. Some of us embrace winter literally by getting out in it while others of us embrace it vicariously this winter by watching the wonderful accomplishments Olympic athletes on TV.
I embrace winter by focusing on creating. That desire to create was fueled last night by attending the monthly meeting of The Edmonton and District Quilters Guild. Our speaker was Virginia Stephen, an accomplished artist who works in different media. Her background in art is extensive, impressive and her work a joy to see. We viewed some of her paintings, photography, mixed media and felting via Powepoint.
Virginia’s creativity is evident in her work. The quality of that work I believe is a result of her ability to apply her design knowledge, likely by this time in her career in an intuitive way. It is a pleasure to see her work and there is much to explore in each piece.
Virginia’s talk focused on her journey with creativity and on “visual literacy. I was interested in her courage (my word) in experimenting with a variety of materials and in using them in different ways. The pieces she brought to show us were felted. I would particularly recommend taking a look at “What’s A Girl To Do” under felting when you take a look at her website. http://www.virginiastephenart.com

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2 Responses to Feb 20 Virginia Stephen

  1. elinorburwashdesigns says:

    A laugh always warmest the day. Every day is a learning day and I was delighted to have the opportunity to see Virginia’s work. Keep warm.

  2. roma1912 says:

    I did laugh when you class -15 as chilly, to be inspired by such a fellow artisans is indeed an honour, 🙂

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