Feb 14, 2014, Happy Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is an obvious day to think of being kind to others.  One spectacular example in the past days was the action of Gil Junio, the speed skater who gave up his spot to team mate Denny Morrison who went on to take a Silver Medal.  Now Morrison is touting Gil to be the flag bearer at the closing ceremonies. So one good turn leads to another.  It seems to me that taking a minute todo a small kindness brings happiness to two people, to the person who was let in and to me because I did something I feel good about.   It is like a ripple in a pool spreading out.  When my mood improves everything in the day goes better for me and I reach out to others in a more positive way.  A great benefit for me is that being kind opens me up, my awareness expands and often my creativity benefits.

Valentines Day is special for me in that I get to indulge myself and make Valentines.  As a child I made a Valentine for everyone in my class.  Cut, paste, colour, create with paper doilies,  endless heart shapes, bits of ribbon.  Push my creativity with hearts.  It has always been so much fun.  For the past few years I have found a design I like and have made post cards to send to friends.  My postcard this year is above.  Happy Valentines Day.

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2 Responses to Feb 14, 2014, Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. elinorburwashdesigns says:

    Thanks Anna, It is fun to create an environment to recognize special occasions throughout the year. Have a great day giving yourself time for yourself.

  2. Anna Hergert says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Fond memories of spending this day in Edmonton a few years ago – you were the most thoughtful hostess. I can just imagine the Valentine’s quilts and decor adorning the rooms. Enjoy!

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