Feb 10/2014 – Houses

My home

Houses seem to have emerged as a theme in my quilting recently.  I belong to a group called Wooly Bees and this year we decided that each month a member could pick a block and the other 8 members would each make a wool block and give it to the member who chose it.  Then the recipient of the blocks would create a quilt.  You might have guessed that we work in wool.  In September we were asked to make a “wonky” house block.    Then this month we were asked again to make a “wonky house block for a different member.

In January one of my favourite folk singers – Pete Seeger died.  I love his songs and as  tributes were being given on the CBC  one of the songs he sang started running through my mind.  It was “Little Boxes” by his friend  Malvina Reynolds.  I remembered  “little boxes made of ticky-tacky, they all look just the same”.  This was a song that inspired me to be different in what I created when I was young.  To search for good design that enriched the environment I created around me and the clothing I sewed for me.  That focus formed a path for my adult life – a search for something a little different, a desire to be unique.

So now we are back full circle – unique houses.  I was given some interesting wool and silk fabrics to create this wonky house quilt block and those fabrics have given me the beginning of an idea.  One of the members happened to come by one evening last week and we were talking about our assignment.   She took me to Pinterest – “house quilts”.  A German quilt artist – Bernadette Mayr led me to a whole world  of house quilts and beyond.  Bernadette is an inspiring artist.   Brighten your winter day and do a search and prepare to be amazed.

I’ll show you the block when it is done.

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2 Responses to Feb 10/2014 – Houses

  1. roma1912 says:

    Beautiful work

  2. nsturgill says:

    Thank you for little boxes and remembering Pete Seeger!

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